White Masterbatch

Rangdaneh’s Masterbatch range is extremely wide and includes formulations able to confer both uniform colour and high covering power to the finished articles:
  Formulations for general use, also in bluish version
  Cast film Masterbatches (for uses such as diapers, stretch, adhesive film for hay bales
   Masterbatches for coating (packaging, extrusion, lamination)
    Masterbatches for thermoforming, both for polyolefin and styrene resins
 Special Masterbatches based on TiO2 resistant to UV radiation, also in combination with HALS

Masterbatches based on a special TiO2 that renders the finished article transparent and with high UV
    Absorbency, thus particularly suitable for packaging and agricultural use
 High dispersion Masterbatches for specific formulations for PP /PET extrusion, also in non - abrasive version but with excellent outdoor resistance

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