range of antimicrobial additives can be added to any material during the production process including plastics and polymers, coatings and paints, textiles, metals and more... .



Product Description

Antibacterial masterbatch specially developed for PP antibacterial plastics . This particular technology is based on antibacterial agents and it is applied widely in domestic and foreign plastic industry .

Rangdaneh masterbatch are made of food contact antibacterial agent .

 Product characteristics

Broad – spectrum antibacterial capability , permanent antibacterial effect , high efficient antibacterial effect 

The product is heat – resistant and difficult to change the color

Good compatibility and dispersibility

No need to change the present plastic processing technology 

This is special masterbatch for each plastic ; in order not change plastics performance


Dosage  :  4 – 8 %


Applications :

1-      Food packaging : plastic trays, flexible packaging , bottles, films , ziplock bags and stand up pouches .

2-      Household applications : refrigerator, washing machine , air conditioner , dish   washer , drinking machine , changing fan and remote controllers of all kinds of electric machines .

3-      Sanitary equipment : bath tub and water closet and so on .

4-      Kitchen utensils : tableware , chopping board , plastic wrap , filtering network and washing basket .

5-      PP carton plast . 


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