PP Staple Fibers

One –step:

Lower investment, reduced operating costs and lower space requirements compared to the two-step process

 Modular design for a wide range of production capacities

 High flexibility of polymer processing, (PP, PE, PET, R-PET, PLA)

 PET dryerless extrusion

 Suitable for uncoloured and mass coloured fibers

 Suitable for regular and bicomponent fibers, solid and hollow


the high spinning speed the Two-Step Process is the right solution for high quality staple fiber and the best choice whenever the staple fiber lines are downstream a polymerization or polycondensation systems (direct spinning(.

Basic features

High productivity

Suitable for low titer fibers with high strength and low shrinkage

Multipolymer processability (PP, PET, R-PET, PA)

Direct spinning from molten polymer

Regular and bicomponent fibers, solid and hollow

Suitable for specialties like PP/PE and PET/Co-PET low melting fibers


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